Track Your Quraan Memorization!!!

Assalamu Alaikum. QuraanOMeter is a simple utility to keep track of how much you have memorized the Holy Quraan. You can enter which surahs you have memorized completely or partially. Then, click on calculate to see the results. You may want to save your data by clicking save. You need to enter your username and password in order to save your profile.

Your profile is saved and can be viewed at any time, any where. After you memorize few verses you can edit your profile for the changes. You only have to enter new data as the previously saved data would be already loaded.

This tool takes care of the fact that different verses are of different sizes. For instance, Surah 65 (Al-Talaq) and Surah 101 (Al-Qariah) have almost the same number of verses (12 and 11). However, the first one has about 4 lines per verse and the second one has about half a line per verse. So the memorization percentage should be tracked by the lines of Quraan Memorized and not the number of verses memorized. The lines information have been taken from a random Mushaf.

Happy Quraan Memorization!!! May Allah make it easy for us to memorize the Holy Quraan. Aameen.

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Najeebuddin Mohammad (mdnajeebATyahoo.com).